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Given Name: Dea
Breeders Name: Hipp-Hopp Ingyom-Bingyom
Born: 10. September 1993
Born in City/Country: Budapest/Ungaria
Weight: 27,3 Kg
Height: 62 cm
Profession: Amateur Spinter
Fastes Lap: 480m in 30.09 seconds
Fastes Speed: 61.8 Km/h
From 0- to 100m sprint: 6,7 seconds
Favorite Racing Tracks: Hoisdorf, Münster, Rapatona, Freiburg
Favorite Drink: Honey Milkshake
Favorite Food: Bloody Bones American Style, real big (XXXL) and fresh
Favorite Music: "Rock me Amadeus" from Falco
Hobbies: Relaxing in humans beds and biting boomerangs
Favorite Film & Game: Tom & Jerry (I play "Tom" and our cat plays "Jerry")
Favorite TV spots: All spots for dog food
Club: Windhund Club Leipzig
Wins: 2 x FCI World- European and German Champs
Track Worldrecords: Rapatona 1996, Freiburg & Münster 1997

Hi, my name is Dea !

I am a sighthound and in the a team with Nahid, Roland and Gio. We living on a farm in Denmark near the german border. Originally I am a "Magyar Agar" (...this is the name for a ungarian hunter) and I was born near Budapest in Ungaria. My mom & dad are still living there.

The live here in the north is not bad, sometimes to cold and windy. Mostly I like to run with my brother "Gio" on the great paddocks in this area. Specially we like to chase the young horses.

Sometimes, mostly in the summer, I travel by car around in europe to several racing tracks. There my doggy friends and me we have a lot of fun & party. The humans call this World- European and German Championship, but I see no difference. But then I get the plastic rabbid as first after the 480 meters running, I get a lot of extra fine food after the race and a intensive relaxing massage.

My most favorite racing track is in Hoisdorf, near Hamburg. Here we have great times. The humans call this training, but here I can see all the good looking and muscular boys every month. Specially I like "Rabbi" and "Wummel", but I have also some favorites for a marriage from other countries. But in the moment I like not to get babies, I am a young lady and very independent. I want travel and see the world.

My favorite holiday place is the danish northsea island Rømø. There I can run in soft sands and radical dunes for extreme coursing. Also in the Winter we have good sunny days on Rømø and a lot of crazy Buggy-Sailors which I can chase.

So now I have to say good-bye. I am hungry and I need to check if there are some mouses to dig out in the holes of the paddock. See you outside !

All best Wuff and Wau to my doggy and human friends worldwide
Seeyaa and be coolyee !


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