Thesis, Dr, med. René Schwall,
published in October 1999,
Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel:

The treatment of intraarticular calcaneus fractures with a new external fixator


Operative treatment of the calcaneus is still in discussion. For a better management of soft tissue problems an optimized fixator frame for primary treatment of calcaneus fractures was developed in the Dept. of trauma surgery University of Kiel. A one-plane bilateral construction with one insertion point in the tibia and two in the tuberosity of calcaneus is used. It allows efficient reduction by ligamentotaxis, stable fixation and active motion in ankle joint. We treated 40 patients with 45 calcaneus fractures. In 25 cases the fixator was definite and later plate or screw fixation was performed 20 times. 35 patients with 40 fractures were examined by means of the "Kiel score for calcaneus fractures". Patients who were treated definite reached a better result on average than patients who underwent a secondary open osteosynthesis. Concrete guidelines for the therapy of intraarticular calcaneus fractures are presented.

External fixator, intraarticular calcaneus fractures, one-year-results, operation, soft tissue problems

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